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Performance 1 GBits/s LAN(Éditer)

ReadyNAS Specs(Éditer)

ReadyNAS NV+ Verdict(Éditer)


Keep in mind that the maximum raw data rate for 100Mbps Ethernet is 12,500 Kbytes/sec and 125,000 Kbytes/sec for gigabit

Switching over to read spreads things out and speeds them up a bit. The NV+ and 1100 trade positions on file sizes up to 256 MB and then the NV+ comes out on top for 512 MB and 1 GB files. The Thecus N5200 once again displays the highest performance for smaller file sizes and drops off for larger. Like the Thecus, the Synology CS406 also shows decaying speed as file sizes increase, but consistently comes out last in this group for gigabit reads.

The ReadyNAS NV+ remains one of the best desktop NAS appliances on the market as it offers a quality range of feature highly suited to personal and business use alike. It's competitively priced and our initial impressions of the next firmware release are very favourable as it promises plenty of valuable new features and a speed boost to FTP operations as well.

Real world(Éditer)


300 Mbytes / 20 sec = 15Mbytes/sec

For our Real World File System Performance tests, we have taken the original tests and tailored them for external drives. More specifically, instead of just measuring the time that it takes to copy, zip, and unzip within the same drive, we measure the time that it takes to perform these tasks from a SATA drive to the external device.

The results show a substantial performance increase on the NV over the X6 ReadyNAS device in the File Copy tests to and from the devices.